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The traditional Cretan diet is not just a variety of dishes laid on the table.

Cretan culture is all about high quality food and a Cretan feast is characterised by ingenious culinary combinations based on centuries-old recipes that have been passed on from generation to generation. Even the humblest of Agios Nikolaos’ taverns or houses serves excellent oven-roasted or cooked food.

Any good food lover would be thrilled by the image of the traditional “antikristo” (across the fire) lamb, being slowly cooked placed across a large fire. Crete is also a paradise for vegetable lovers. Local herbs and spices used in sauces lead to a true feast for the palate and the senses. Cretan sweet cuisine is also full of amazing recipes. There is always a traditional delicacy waiting for you to taste.

Cretan cuisine is nothing but mainstream and has maintained the purity and uniqueness of its flavours in a highly tourism-oriented environment.


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