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Bean soup with mackerel

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Bean soup with mackerel

For the bean soup:
1kg of beans (soaked)
2lt of chicken broth
1 white onion
1 carrot
2 sticks of celery
2-3 garlic cloves
60g of tomato paste
100g of pork apaki (preferably from the leg)
200g of xinohondros
Olive oil

For the mackerel:
4 mackerels
500g of semi-coarse salt
150g of sugar
300g of sour orange juice and a bit of zest
100g of lemon juice
Water & ice

For the onion bulbs:
5 small onions
300g of apple cider vinegar
300g of water
30g of salt
30g of sugar

Stathis Pakourelias
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Bean soup
Pour some olive oil in a saucepan and brown the apaki, add the onion and the rest of the vegetables with a little salt. Sauté the tomato paste with the vegetables and add the beans. Then add half of the broth and when it boils, add the rest in 2-3 portions. Let the liquid simmer, add the xinohondros and salt or pepper if necessary. Place the hot mixture in the blender and make a mash. Keep a small amount in case you want to use it separately.

Clean and fillet the fish, remove the bones and rinse. Leave in the refrigerator with salt and sugar for 2.5 hours. Rinse with water and ice and a pinch of salt. Prepare the marinade with the juices and some sugar and marinate the fish. Leave in the refrigerator for one hour. Just before serving sear the mackerel with a blowtorch or leave it for a while on a hot grill or a hot frying pan.
Olive powder Slice the olives and dry them up in the oven on baking paper at 90°C for 2 hours. Let them cool down and use the blender to make a powder.

Onion bulbs
Peel the onions and boil for 8′ together with the rest of the ingredients. Remove the onions and let them cool down. Cut them in half and sear them with the blowtorch (inner side).

Garnish with tender celery leaves, olive oil and spring onions.