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Taking a stopover in Agios Nikolaos, even a short one, could be an exciting experience.

Located at the crossroads between eastern and western Crete, Agios Nikolaos is an excellent choice for taking a stopover while exploring Crete. Whether for a few hours or for a couple of days, Agios Nikolaos will offer you a much needed relaxation before continuing with your journey. The city’s size and the available options make Agios Nikolaos the ideal place for a short rest combined with leisure.

The city centre is dominated by the presence of the imposing Lake Voulismeni, the crown jewel of the area, whose fascinating history is full of legends. Next to the lake and by the main square we find many boutiques and shops, selling traditional products, souvenirs and jewellery.

Having finished with your shopping, a nice swim is more than welcomed. Agios Nikolaos has many beaches with crystal clear waters within walking distance from the city centre. Another option would be to go for a quick 15-min drive to the tropical Voulisma beach.

Spinalonga island with its Venetian Fortress and incredible history is a true must-see. Heading inland again, near the traditional village of Kritsa we find the ancient city of Lato, one of the most important Dorian cities of the Antiquity. It occupies a strategic spot between two prominent hills and was named after Leto, the mother of Apollo and Artemis. Just before reaching the village of Kritsa we find the church of Panagia Kera which is a very important religious monument due to its magnificent frescoes and the depiction of Saint Francis of Assisi which is the only one found in an orthodox church.

If you like outdoor activities you will find plenty of available options. Several diving centres operate in the area and the gulf of Mirabello is a well known destination for diving enthusiasts. Its crystal clear waters offer great visibility of over 30 metres and have ideal temperatures ranging from 19°C to 29°C. You may also participate in an organised fishing trip or simply observe the beautiful seabed on special glass-bottom boats. Also, you may explore the coastline in a kayak or Sup having the Sup academy in the municipal beach as your starting point. Back on dry land, you may rent a bicycle at bike rentals, at the information desk of the Municipality and at the marina.

Those in search of relaxation may enjoy exclusive wellness therapies and treatments by highly qualified professionals in the luxurious hotels located in the broader area of Agios Nikolaos.

If you are looking for an overnight stay, Agios Nikolaos offers a large variety of accommodation options: 2 to 5 star hotels and rooms, villas, Airbnb apartments and self-catering rooms will meet all your needs.

Agios Nikolaos took its name from the old church of Saint Nicholas, located north of the town.
Population: 12.000

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24 hours in Agios Nikolaos


Coffee time. Agios Nikolaos has many cafeterias which serve coffee and breakfast. If you want to walk around the city there are many bakeries that serve coffee and breakfast to go.


A visit to the nearby villages or to one of the important archaeological sites such as Spinalonga island, the ancient city of Lato or the church of Panagia Kera. Alternatively, you may visit the Archaeological Museum of Agios Nikolaos which hosts periodic exhibitions.


It’s time for a swim. You could visit one of the numerous beaches within the city or even go for a short drive to Voulisma beach or the seaside resort of Elounda. Agios Nikolaos features 5-6 beaches with crystal clear waters within walking distance from the city centre.


It’s lunchtime. A great opportunity to taste traditional Cretan recipes: lamb, goat, rabbit or hare, legumes, wild greens, vegetables and herbs, seafood and fish, snails and many more, all of them prepared with local virgin olive oil and paired with local wine and raki (traditional local spirit). You’ll be thrilled by the famous Cretan desserts such as mizithropites (traditional Cretan cheese pies), xerotigana (fried dough strips with honey and nuts) or kalitsounia (traditional sweet cheese pastries).


It’s time for a walk and shopping. You may opt for a walk by the lake and the port to admire the two beautiful sculptures, Amalthea’s Horn and Abduction of Europa. Another option would be to go for a long walk along the promenade. You may also purchase traditional products, jewellery and souvenirs.


It’s time for dinner and drinks. After your dinner in one of the restaurants or traditional taverns, the clubs of Agios Nikolaos await you for a delicious and refreshing cocktail. For those who fancy a more relaxed atmosphere there are a lot of cosy bars with views to the lake and the sea. If you are interested in attending a cultural event you should download Mirabello app to receive information (updated daily) on all events.

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