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Archaeological sites

The municipality of Agios Nikolaos is full of archaeological sites, sacred monuments and statues. The famous ancient city of Lato is located very near to Agios Nikolaos. It was one of the most important Doric city-states in Crete and is considered as the best preserved city of the Classical era. It is a unique site, in terms of historical significance and natural beauty.

The history of the municipality is marked by the presence of numerous ancient settlements. Most of them were strategically built and there is even a submerged city, the ancient city of “Olous”. Not far from Neapoli we find the archaeological site of “Driros”. It was a town founded in the 12th century B.C. which reached its heyday between the Geometric/Archaic and the Hellenistic Age. The site includes two acropolises and an Archaic agora. At the opposite side of the municipality, just a few kilometres away from Kalo Chorio, we find the ruins of “Vrokastro”, a Late Minoan age settlement. It belongs to the dozens of Minoan settlements of the darkest period of Crete, that is, after the destruction of the Minoan Civilisation.

Another impressive site whose history captivates both tourists and locals is Spinalonga island. Opposite the small seaside village of Plaka and next to Elounda, the stone-built island looks like a fortress floating on the blue waters of the bay of Elounda. A true historical jewel.


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