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Archaeological site of Boufos

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Archaeological site of Boufos

The archaeological site of Boufos is one of the most important archaeological sites that have been discovered in Crete in recent years; it is located next to the seashore, between the beaches of Boufos and Avlaki, in the village of Sissi. The city flourished in the Late Minoan era (16th century BC) and was probably an important and strategically-located administrative centre of eastern Crete. A large building complex with a large courtyard has been identified, which was abandoned following the eruption of the Santorini volcano. The first major discoveries took place in 1960 by the archaeologist Kostas Davaras. In 2007, the Belgian School of Archaeology initiated new excavations, which continue to this day.

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30′ from Agios Nikolaos
25′ from Neapoli
35′ from Elounda

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