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My wife and I got married last summer. She is from the Netherlands, I am from Athens and we both live in England. We wanted our wedding to be really special and to invite relatives and friends from both Greece and the Netherlands but also from our place of residence. Some friends had already informed us on the numerous high-quality hotels in the area of Agios Nikolaos and especially in Elounda and we were told that the area is a favourite wedding destination for many couples. We consulted the websites of some of the many five-star hotels in the area to get more information. I was particularly surprised by the large number of luxury hotels in Agios Nikolaos. We made our reservation in a hotel in Elounda and I personally went there to get a closer look at the area and the facilities of the hotel. I came back home utterly satisfied and so we returned with my wife and the guests a few months later.

The hotel was truly amazing and had everything one would expect from a five star hotel. We enjoyed the beautiful view in our own private bungalow equipped with a swimming pool; we visited the hotel’s spa centre and were treated by specialized professionals, tasted great food in the restaurants and enjoyed a special night of wine tasting where local wine experts introduced us to the Cretan vineyard. Luxury at its best, in a natural environment of incomparable beauty.

Outside the hotel premises everything was excellent as well. We rented a boat and toured the bay, visited the island of Spinalonga and went for a swim to the beautiful secluded beaches in the area around the island of Kolokytha. We reached the tip of the bay near Aforesmenos lighthouse, went to the islet of Glaronissi and to Cape Krios. We also saw the ruins of the ancient city of Olous that lies below the surface of the sea!

On another day we went diving to the area of Plevra. It was an exceptional underwater tour of the unique sea bottom of the bay alongside professional divers who made us feel completely safe. We also visited the golf courses of the area for something really different and played some holes overlooking the deep blue of the sea.

We and our guests were impressed by the amazing small fishing village of Plaka right across the island of Spinalonga. The village is a famous destination for seafood and fish enthusiasts and we had to try it. The fishermen were carrying the fish before our eyes!

I could not imagine a better way and place to celebrate our wedding! Luxury, beautiful natural environment, high-class cuisine and many options for special excursions and visits.

We will definitely be back in the future!

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