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Milatos Cave

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Milatos Cave

The cave has 8 small and big entrances along 40 meters, arranged on three different horizontal levels. We use the large central entrance, which is 9 meters wide and 2 metres tall. The right entrance allows daylight to illuminate the chamber where the church is situated. Both those entrances lead to the main part of the cave. The others lead to the left, smaller part of the cave.

In the first part of the main chamber, a church was erected in 1953 dedicated to Saint Thomas. Near the church, there is an ossuary where some of the sacred relics of the victims of a battle in 1823 (during the Greek Liberation War against the Turkish Occupation) are kept.

In all areas of the cave there are many small and big pillars arranged in clusters, which provide an amazing spectacle. Stalagmites are fewer, however very spectacular. Stalactites are scarce. Pillars divide the cave into many chambers.

The cave was formed in Cretaceous limestone, at a depression of which lie the entrances. What we actually see today are the remains of a larger underground sinkhole that expanded mainly towards the gully. The cave is 75m long and its entrance is 45m wide. The cave becomes narrower and narrower as we walk further into it.

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30′ from Agios Nikolaos
20′ from Sissi
40′ from Elounda

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