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Square Festival

«When we first thought about setting up the 1st Square Festival, we did so on one condition: Focus on high quality».

We believe that music cannot be divided in genres (it can be categorised though for musicological reasons) using local criteria, or any other criteria for that matter. This is something that has been arbitrarily and rather suspiciously imposed by modern times. However, there is bad music and there is good music.

We decided to do our best to present you with Greece’s contemporary “traditional” music in its most groundbreaking and innovative form. Traditional as conceived by Manos Chatzidakis and Giannis Tsarouchis. Alive – that is, contemporary – yet primeval.

The three-day Square Festival takes place in early August at various squares of Neapoli Lassithi.

Useful information

Location: Neapoli
Date: early August

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