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Festival of Ftazymo bread

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Festival of Ftazymo bread

One of the best festivals in the area which takes place in the village of Kroustas in honour of the ftazymo bread, whose preparation remains a well-kept secret and is passed down from generation to generation. The event comprises traditional Cretan music, lots of fun and dancing until sunrise and all those who participate have the unique opportunity to taste freshly-baked ftazymo bread. Moreover, a traditional exhibition takes place every year with a different theme. The event is organized every summer (usually after the fifteenth of August, there is no fixed date as it is not linked to a religious celebration) in the courtyard of the school and top Cretan musicians perform live.

Useful information

20′ from Agios Nikolaos
8′ from Kritsa
30′ from Kalo Chorio


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