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Megali Panagia

The metropolitan church of Megali Panagia, dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, stands majestically at the northern end of the main square of Neapoli. The church was erected at the end of the 19th, beginning of the 20th century, and its construction lasted for a very long time, due to the economic difficulties of the time. It started in 1889, but the church was inaugurated in 1927.

The cruciform shaped church has a dome, and its lower part is made of carved stonework made of gray local marble, much like all its openings. His wood-carved iconostasis and hagiographies were created between 1962 and 1965.

Useful information

Time period: 20th century
Architectural type: Triple aisle cruciform with dome
Location: Neapoli
Celebration: 15/8
Access: Easy/asphalt

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