Kardamoutsa Monastery

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Kardamoutsa Monastery

This Monastery is dedicated to Timios Stavros (Holy Cross), was founded at the end of the 16th century and flourished during the 17th century. Its katholikon dates back to 1580, is located in the center of the Monastery, and is a simple, vaulted single-aisled church. The remaining buildings of the Monastery are built around the katholikon and were restored after its reconstruction.

The various buildings, ground floor or two-storey, are of simple form, made with local dark limestone. Particular care has been given to the decoration of the katholikon, which bears an intricate small opening in the church’s sanctuary, with embossed rosettes and decorative panels in the shape of a cross on its eastern side.

Important info

Time period: 16th century
Architectural type: Single nave vaulted
Location: Karydi
Celebration: 14/9
Access: Easy/asphalt