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Choumeriakos fountain

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Choumeriakos fountain

The fountain is located on the central square of the village of Choumeriakos, which is known as the Square of the Fountain or the Square of St. George (named after the nearby St. George chapel). Northwest of the fountain and not far from it, there is a well and a pumping station.

The fountain was constructed at the southern edge of the square and appears to be “embedded” in a retaining wall, which compensates the difference in height of the two levels. Thus, only its facade is visible.

Its facade is very elaborate. It features unrendered chiselled stonework according to the opus isodomum construction technique. Its central part is slightly protruded. At the fountain’s centre, we find a semicircular arc whose tympanum holds the water outlets. The outlets feature embossed floral decorations. At the base of the arc, there is a stone-carved basin.

At the western edge of the fountain, there is a lower outlet and two smaller basins for watering the animals. At the top of its central part two stone carved plates have been embedded: The first one depicts St. George and the second has an inscription stating that it was built on October 25 1887 by the Mayor K. N. Mourelakis with the invaluable support of the community of Choumeriakos. The whole structure is crowned by an austere, slightly protruded architrave.

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