After a visit to the beach, it's hard
to believe that we live in a material world.

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The imposing wild relief of the area continues into the sea. Impressive formations of abysses, caves and reefs adorn the seabed. The bay of Mirabello is an attraction for diving aficionados, boasting a rare natural marine environment, full of ancient remnants, wrecks, rocky slopes and underwater caverns.

The crystal clear waters offer visibility of over 30 meters and ideal temperatures between 19°C and 29°C. Everybody has the opportunity to escape to the underwater world, as a large number of active diving companies operate in Agios Nikolaos.


Start your experiences from Agios Nikolaos and enjoy diving into the sea of Mirabello.


Diving Academies
Blue Dolphin Dive Center

Elounda Village

Telephone: +30 28410 41802

Crete Underwater Center
Agios Nikolaos

Mirabello Beach & Villas

Telephone: +30 28410 22406

Happy Divers
Agios Nikolaos, Elounda & Kalo Chorio

Daios Cove Luxury Resort | Ermis & Coral Hotels | Blue Palace Resort & Spa | Elounda Beach | Blue Marine Resort

Telephone: +30 28410 82546

Mediterranean View Diving Center
Agios Nikolaos

Candia Park Village | Minos Palace Hotel & Suites

Telephone: +30 6955 020225

Pelagos Dive Center
Agios Nikolaos & Elounda

Minos Beach | Elounda Mare

Telephone: +30 28410 24376

Sea kayak

This activity, except from physical exercise, offers the opportunity for exploration of the unique natural beauty of the municipality. It also offers the opportunity for exercise and relaxation, both physically and mentally, in shallow or deeper waters. The inaccessible hidden caves throughout the coastline of Agios Nikolaos can be visited by a sea kayak. The bay of Mirabello offers the advantage of choosing a waterway, with either calm or wavy waters. You can visit places, difficult to access in any other way, and do some downwind paddling. This is a unique experience, with the lake of Agios Nikolaos as a meeting point.

Sea Kayaking offers you the opportunity to access and explore remote places of pristine natural beauty within Agios Nikolaos area

A beach is not only a sweep of sand, but shells of sea creatures, the sea glass, the incongruous objects washed up by the ocean.

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