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The village of Choumeriakos is built on three hills at the edge of Mirabello plain and is surrounded by olive groves. Houses with flower gardens and shops reflecting the traditional Lasithi architecture provide a testimony of the village’s past splendour. Within the village we find 17 old temples, the Temple of Panagia Koumbelina being the most important of them. It is the only cross-in-square temple left in eastern Crete (11th-12th centuries).

An important monument of the Venetian period is the marvellous arch-shaped gate, which is actually the entrance to a Venetian palazzo of the 16th-17th centuries, known as the Romana Portela. Equally important is the Agios Georgios Fountain of the Ottoman period. Also, the small traditional village of Platipodi is located with the area of Choumeriakos.

5' from Neapoli
15' from Agios Nikolaos