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“Chochlioi” (i.e. snails in the Cretan dialect) are a very particular trademark Cretan delicacy. Popular recipes include cooking them with chondros (beaten wheat); in a tomato, courgette and potato casserole; simply fried; or boubouristi (boiled and then fried with herbs).

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Clean the snails and wash them thoroughly under tap water. Place them in a pot with some sow thistle and boil. Then transfer into another pot, and the onions and sauté in olive oil. Add some water and all them other ingredients except the aromatic herbs and let them simmer. After some time add some aromatic herbs, such as fennel, dill etc. When the food is thoroughly cooked, pour some of the food liquid into a bowl and stir in a mix of lemon, orange juice and flour. Beat well and return into the pot. Stir and toss the pot slightly. Cook until the sauce sets. Serve hot in its sauce.